The real problem with competition

The real problem with competition is not the competition itself but the story that you tell yourself about the competition.  It is really easy for us to watch our competition from a far and second guess ourselves.  Assume they have all the work.   

As soon as you stop letting your competition make the decisions for your business you will be better off.  Believe me if you are watching them they are playing a major part in your decisions.  What if you didn’t have competition?  You would have to pick what to do next with your company without them (maybe that is a good thing).  There would not be a “way everyone does it”.  Scary I know but that is how you become a leader in your market.  What would you do if no one was watching?  What would you do if you didn’t compare yourself to someone else everyday?  Do that today, it might be what your marketing has been waiting for.
Competition will only go away when you stop looking for it.
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